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SUBSCRIBE 2 The Ital Place of Reasoning is a Learning Center for Illiterate Adults in Negril Jamaica. Founded by Tourists to improve local life and based on the Law of Attraction.This is our 3rd year and we need some help:

Natural Reasoning Documentary

Meet John Eitel, Intuitive Healer and founder of ITAL Place of Reasoning

Meet John Eitel

We will learn how to detach from things that hold us back and don't serve our higher purpose in life.

Lessons in Detachment

John Eitel discusses the Ego and its necessity for Alignment and Balance. In balance the Ego is a friend and out of can be a foe.

The Ego…Necessary

John Eitel describes Sovereign Journey and why it's important to stay in our own Journey. He also explains how it relates to Alignment, Balance, Zero Point Energy and Gratitude.

Sovereign Journey and Space

John Eitel speaks to the Way Showers, Light Worker, Teachers and Healers. He shares his insight on this New time on the New Earth. He explains how to survive this chaotic 3D world in a 5D Ascended manner.

Way Showers, Teachers and Healers – Part II

John Eitel speaks to the Indigo Children and shares his insight, as an Indigo himself and as a parent of his own Indigo Children.

Message for Indigo Children