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The Human Vibration is the sign of our essence of Life. It is the Energy of Life that emits from the Human Being every minute of our existence. We all talk about the Vibe in the workplace or at a dance, wedding or funeral. The social atmosphere of events are created by its inhabitants and the purpose of our collective gathering.

To all of Human Nature there are only two basic vibrations that are available to the Human mind/body. Positive or Negative. The very good news is that the we as Humans can only hold ONE of these vibrations at a time. No one can be both happy and sad at the same time. They may say it is so… but it isn’t.

We all live in the Law of Attraction. This is not an option; its mandatory, it comes with our Human Blueprint … built in. It’s the greatest single tool we have to completely manage our lives so that life becomes a veritable smorgasbord for our pleasure. Yes … Our pleasure.

In earlier years, when the Law of Attraction was introduced to the people, it was through the book “the Secret”; but the whole story was never told. The actual base truth understanding was withheld so that people would pay exorbitant amounts of money to attend a weekend session with popular famous Speakers. The depth and breadth of the message was missed as a “thinking thing” instead of a deep inner feeling of Human Power. When results were mixed the phrase (Law of Attraction) became meaningless and people glossed over this built/innate in miracle.

Understanding the Law that guides our daily lives moment by moment is not just an intellectual understanding … it is much much deeper. It is the base line vibration that unifies the body/mind/spirit Oneness that every intuitive seeks. This Energy has fierce boundaries that care for the inner soul. The collected mind, confident and fully focused on its unique mission of a better life, calls in unrealized assets that steady our fear and imbalance. This concentration of internal Energy becomes emotionally charged and becomes our Human Will. There is nothing capable than the Human Will.  Fully understood it is the perfect environment for alignment of Body/Mind/Spirit. It is the solid footing needed to allow and develop our God-given intuition that lays there dormant for much of our lives, as we conform and try to fit into societal norms and TV commercials telling us what to look like and what to be fearful of.

The Law of Attraction is not a man made law. This law is tied into the rest of the Universal wonders (laws) that we shake our heads about with respect and awe.

For example: The Lunar Law… The sun rises everyday and sets everyday with such precision that the entire world plans its life around it. It is so precise that I can tell you what time the sun will rise and what time it will fall for one hundred years into the future. This law of sun and moon does not take into account anything but its own existence. It is a living thing … a consciousness. No matter if there is an Election or a Coronation or a War on Earth; the sun will rise and fall as it always has. It is no respecter of persons.

The Law of the Seasons. In my home country Canada, we have four distinct and beautiful seasons. Summer, winter, spring and fall. Many of us would like to hold one of these seasons to last all year but that is not possible. This immutable Law will deliver its changes on time, every year not caring what might be more or less convenient for the inhabitants that prepare their lives around these miraculous changes. This seemingly mindless event is full of prideful consciousness as entire hemispheres of the globe are transformed from the death of winter to the birth of spring. This single minded purpose is here to Serve.

The Law of Gravity. This immovable Law has caused us all some grief at one time or another. The Law of Gravity like all universal laws has a purpose; and fulfils that purpose without interruption and cannot be avoided in our Earthly atmosphere. If something, anything, is dropped whether its your keys or the Crown Jewels of England they will land on the floor with the same resounding thud. These laws have no judgement nor can they be persuaded by any event on this planet to be moved from its duty and purpose for mankind. This steady and unrelenting reality has given us the science to be able to fly airplanes to move us from one location to another, not to mention it keeps our feet firmly planted to walk, run and play in our environment.

The Law of Attraction is such a law. It is as powerful/immutable and is as much of a miracle as its contemporaries. And just like these other cosmic laws, it is constant and with a little perception on our part, can be felt every minute of our lives. The great part about this Law is that We have a part in it. Yes, because the Law is imbedded in our DNA it becomes personal. This law is a tool. This is the Law that provides the path to the Quantum Field where we choose the unique and tailored approach to the manifestations in our lives.

Here’s how it works. The Law of Attraction reads our deepest true feelings and thoughts. These feelings and thoughts are not the ones that we fleetingly allow to pass through our daily mental meanderings. This Law (Energy) reads our “intentions”. Our deeply held beliefs, fears and dreams.

All of us have said one thing with our mouths but felt just the opposite in our hearts. “Sure, I would love to go Camping in November in Canada (not true)”. “Don’t worry … I would have done the same thing if I were you (not true)”. These are harmless events that are usually given in kindness to placate some situation that needs some comforting, but it this deeper place where the Law of Attraction reads our Vibration. Things get more serious when dealing with our own lives. Many of us feel that we somehow are not worthy and secretly lose many battles before they begin because of our history and weak view of our ability. These deeply held feeling are not useful and here is Why.

Like all the Earthly laws (sea, sun, gravity) the Law of Attraction has no judgement, no preference for us, or itself.  It is here to serve. That is its function and conscious purpose. When we hold a negative feeling about ourselves or our lives, we attract more of the same. Our negative thoughts and beliefs are signals for the Law of Attraction to call more trouble and chaos in our lives, because down deep we accept it as a solid possibility and often probable. Complaining about “never getting a break in life” is the insurance that you never will. Losing then becomes a habit, a way of life, a modus operendi and a wasted existence. Worst case scenarios can only happen if we have considered them as possibilities … that’s manifestation. The mind is a powerful thing and it is here to give us our hearts desire, once it is Aligned with the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of who we are. If, however our life’s design is failure … failure must follow.

The good news is that the opposite is true. Look around you. Look at those who always come out on top. Somehow always “luck out”. Not as smart as you, not as attractive as you; is it possible that they know something you don’t? They might. Notice how they are always positive, never bitchy, so nice and happy they could make you sick … or jealous. You can have all they have and more with a determined effort to Change the way you think and approach your precious life. If nothing changes … nothing changes. You might need a change.

Forgetting the past and living in the Present Moment is easier said than done, but it is the only way. It is a process that you must embrace; and you can. Its not always easy, but it is hugely rewarding and will offer you the peace that you seek. Everything in the past is so dead and gone. Nothing can be changed and you have learned your lessons from them. They have completed their task. These past uncomfortable encounters have made you the savvy person you are to day. Bringing lousy situations from the past forward to your present mind only draws your vibration back to the “crap” and then through the Law of Attraction calls for more of the same.

The reverse is true as well. Remember the Law of Attraction is an immutable law. Sooooo if you stay in a positive state, allow life to flow your good Karma through to a trusting soul, the Law of Attraction … MUST… go get more of the same. How easy is that?!! Is it possible that that small adjustment could change your life, your fortune and abundance? The answer is a resounding Yesssss. Remember, it’s a LAW, not a suggestion, not a rendition, not an opinion … it’s a Cosmic Human Law that is as assured as is the Sun to rise and the sun to set. As certain as the tide is to rise and fall at its appointed time.

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Down and Open

Down and Out is the usual saying. It is used to describe that miserable time of confusion and uncertainty in our lives after the realization that what you believed to be True … is not. These are not usually small things in life that we find are not true, these are the big things that have a strong connection to our Belief System. Our Belief System is the set of rules we run our lives by. Integrity, love, trust, freedom, honesty are the basic necessities for a life of stress free enjoyment. All noble words that we can agree are essential but rarely find in any form of continuum in our lives.

Interestingly enough and as Life would have it no other way, these shakings that rock us to our fundamental emotional base are delivered in the form of events with other people. Our Human fellowship with one another is the educational delivery system we all agreed to come here for in our Sacred Contract for this journey we live.

Our Belief System is powerful and frames our view of the world and all that is in it. When one speaks of their Perspective it is from this same Belief System that this is formed. We move like sub atomic particles frantically seeking out like minded Belief Systems to create the larger forum for the expansion of our mind and therefore our Lives.  Great store for us is in these relationships with both the people and philosophies that we share. These become our foundation and sometimes what we believe is our very reason for living. When we attach so much of ourselves to these developed theories and set them in stone we become rigid, stiff and intransigent. These traits make for strong alliances and merry making in the good times. However what appears to be loyalty to a cause or philosophy may feel like chains to a wall in a cold cell if/when something happens that crushes the honeymoon mentality. It is at this time that we are swept over with the sick feeling of betrayal and naivety. These emotions sink to the core of whom we are; where the shock and numbness keep us quiet, stoic and sedentary, until we figure out what to do next.

All is Well. You are right where you are supposed to BE. Quiet, Stoic and Deep. This is a time … take the time. Think about it. How often do you get a real chance to sit down with yourself and see how you are doing and how it’s going? There may very well be some sadness with this … so be sad. Cry … be disappointed … feel your grief and your dislocation from all you thought you knew for sure. You can even feel sorry for yourself here. That is Self Love too. In the calmer moments and at a later time you will look back and wonder who/how provided the hushed comfort in your thoughts. How did I survive and find my way back. Once again … All You.

So here we Are.  As we look out at the new landscape of our lives we see the buildings of our Belief in tatters. Monumental tall structures of intimate belief and trust now laid waste and scattered for miles. Awareness and Acceptance are now the order of the Day. Maturation allows us now to assimilate what was learned to Create a new foundation with all the same ingredients as before. Looking down at the debris looks ominous and disheartening and can harbour feelings of failure.

So Look Up! Raise your stare to the new wide open space that was cluttered with immovable thoughts and beliefs that became so powerful that they blocked the light and the horizon. Life has stopped you dead in your tracks for a reason.  A renewal of energy and a new reason for living is in the offering, but it is up to us to design it. There is no rush. Racing around trying to patch up something that you know you are done with or is done with you will ensure another walk down this road. It’s not wrong to do, because you can’t do it wrong … but you can do it different. Your Journey is in neutral right now so that you can be Open.

When we are numbed by events it comes as a certain protection. It is from this place that the Phoenix shall rise. He doesn’t always rise as he is depicted … 9 foot tall winged Creature blazing fire at his feet. Looking at that and expecting ourselves to be there at this moment would make it worse. We didn’t get to this state overnight and Time is now on your side to withdraw and renew.

This has been a shock but and education as well.  We are big people and we know that somehow this was necessary. We have certainly learned what we Don’t want in our next life adventure and belief system. So now let’s concentrate on what we Do want in our continued run at life.

Only you can design this Menu. Much of it will be as before but with the improvements that Feel like it is more comfortable for you to be settled and secure. You are everything. We will find as we scour the remains of “what once was”; that the debris is mostly comprised of “things and others beliefs we have adopted” for whatever reasons. It’s clear now that they have fulfilled their duties to the Journey and have created the Bridge to get here… where you are now. Open. Open for improvement, open for correction, open to forgiveness and open to a new borderless landscape that holds the new and yet unrevealed You.

Come on … this is fun. Imagine the looks on the faces of those will admire you for your new emotional, intellectual and mature approach to this hit you have taken. This happens to us all… that’s why we are here. Withdraw and renew. New plans that are exciting with more time for creating now that your energy is not sucked away with the old Regime and all the time dedicated to it.

In your new plan you will make more room for yourself to check in more often. Breath Meditation is a sweet piece here. Take the time … it will reward you well. Be good to yourself because as you can see when the rice hits the fan and the crowds have gone home … You are all you Have. That is not said in a bad or sad way; but in a way that lets you know where you can always go and who the one presence Is that will be with you Always … you and your Higher Self. It is your Higher Self who holds you when you shake with fear or sickness … it is the Higher Silent Self that plucks you from the fire too cool your jets for another flight. And it is your Higher Self that watches you mature and wonders at the 3 D maze of emotion we let throw us to and fro.

Down and Open is not the way back. We can’t go back … that space is full and gone forever … kinda good news. Down and Open is about going not just forward  … but Further. Further than ever before in the most positive direction and vibration that we can muster.

Start your new Belief System with this. Believe that whatever it was in your life that hurt you and brought you to your knees (senses) was real and happened. Believe that this has happened to Every human being that has walked the Earth. And Believe that this is the way God and the Universe forge the new and better from the old and torn.

You are right where you are supposed to BE … expanding your Understanding of Life and all Life around you.

And so it Is.

A Larger Sense of You

Well Finally! The entire Agenda for the year is about You.  That will be a nice change. Depending on how old you are you have been going through many years of responsibility. Sometimes this responsibility was true and actually warranted or we may have made up some fantastic romantic story about something or someone and “created” our very own Melodrama with us being the Star. Too much HBO “me thinks”.

However, none of those matters now as it is a time being allocated to the past which is as dead and powerless as can be; unless we Energize it with our attentive vibration. The only value in looking back (but not staring) is that we know we can do better. That’s it … that’s all. If we go back and examine every “he said … she said” we will rile ourselves up with the same energy as the original concern and it is certain that we will do something that we will have at our disposal to regret again tomorrow. 

In this new wonderful time … and I mean that literally … time of Wonder! We are going to start to feel and sense a new interest in ourselves and feel some things or thoughts that we have held “dear to us” that appear to fall away to a new enlightened Energy that now gently points out that it is Time for Change. “If nothing changes … nothing changes. There is also another wonderful saying that I use often and it is so real and poignant … When the Pain of Change is Less that the Pain of Staying the Same … Change will Occur.

We are all Human Beings and live in this Universal Paradox. No Being is so adapted to Change … making Change … willing Change with our minds; and at the same time will give “life, limb and mind” to avoid the very thing we have come here to experience and revel in … Change. That statement alone lets us know that the real struggle is with ourselves. That’s good news. I mean who knows us better than US; or is it True? Well this is the year to find out.

None of these questions need an answer right now. This year is full of new inclinations with information about ourselves that has never been available before Energetically. Moments of Clarity on situations that have clouded the mind and judgement will now fall into place as if they should have always been there. Realizations will come to you that will solve and free you from self-made emotional confinement that at one time seemed to be “the only way”. It will take some courage to make these moves but Courage comes with the new package. As your self-interest and self-respect return as Self Love you will find that these are easy and obvious. There will be a freeing of time and resources now that you can spend real time on the Agenda for this year … You.

It is important not to regret or chastise One’s self for past performances. Just accept what IS, be grateful you are still on the right side of the grass to Get This … and prepare to work in concert with your Good Karma to change your life with a sense of Oneness of Purpose and a confidence from your history as it turns to Wisdom, Counsel and Understanding in your new Place. In the past we have been reticent to give ourselves the credit of being Wise and Experienced. However it now feels like it is righteous to do so. We believe we have either figured it out or paid the Price; doesn’t matter (its history) we are Here.

And where is here? Haha You tell me. Where do you want it to Be. Do you want to just sit and drink in the change and feel the new fortification and resolve of your new power and interest in You? Good … do it. You can languish in this for a while. You deserve it. Nothing can happen until you initiate and Energize It, so … relax and Wonder. Do I make it sound like the world is waiting for you to decide in which way it will go. The answer to that is Yes and it will … gladly. Your World … Your Sacred Space … Your Eternal Energy moves your World. The World… is a by-product of your Existence.  It truly is … look around.  The School, the grocery store, the job, money, government … all here to serve the You of you. And when the YOU’S all gather we have societies and more important we have a Consciousness. Everything on this Earth is been put here either For Man or By Man.

For the first time in many years you are going to revisit your Life and smile. There have been some good times to be fair. There are many times when we would not allow ourselves to enjoy and feel them at the moment. Fear and living in some future moment made us emotionally Absent so many times at some precious occasions. No problem. That is what Contrast (trouble) is for. It is there for us to figure out that most of it was not necessary and those that were; were Educational. The truth is … that in your new space… you can go back and revisit those seemingly lost moments and recreate/feel the joy around you with others that you missed. You will also see the faces of grateful people that you provided many good times for … but would not give yourself the Credit.

Good … take it now. For sure. You are a good Mom, Dad, Friend, Sibling, Child and Citizen. Everyone around us saw those qualities in us and we are the last to recognize our Greatness. Nothing is perfect (but it is) and that is how we learn. We came here to learn and this year you are going to learn a new appreciation for whom you are and what your capabilities are as you continue to draw closer to yourself …. Haha and Like it.

Come on … go inside. You have done some crazy things. The kind of things that make you shake your head and hope to hell your kids or parents never hear about.  Smiling … but they were fun. Crazy adventures outside the box thrill us and we love to jump back and forth. We love the thrill of the chase. We love overcoming something that we once feared from lack of knowledge or familiarity. Becoming familiar with things and events in life are what we are all about. We are here to have dominion over all that exists in the Earth. Not in a Slave/Master way but in a much more Co-operative Supply/Desire (demand) way. If you will spend the duly required amount of time searching yourself out and becoming friendly and acquainted with yourself again (as a child) you will find a closeness that you can feel and is like No Other. There is a deep love and admiration waiting for you in this search. After all when there was nobody … here is where you ended up. There was always a place for you here. A tip of the hat and a thank you could be in order to yourself for the generous hospitality offered from this special place that only you can enter. Be jealous of this place and with a certain Fierceness You should guard it from things and people who would come and destroy the solemnity of this space and time. The way we Guard this place is to Withdraw from all Energy that does not feed the fire of your own Well Being. You have protected and taken care of all those around you that you could or were designed to care for. You are an excellent warrior or you would not be here to read this. So now with less Vigour but with more Confidence … do the same for yourself.

When we battle for others like children, spouses and family we do so with a certain desperation because we are afraid that we might lose or not get the results we desire or those whom we are fighting for desire.  Naturally that fear would be there as we are dealing with outside Human Elements that are outside of our control and completely unpredictable. How many times has a partner or victim we are trying to save  … surprise us in a negative way about how they really think… or what REALLY happened. Our love and loyalty to others leaves us open for such skullduggery and we inherently know that so we are either go over the top in emotion or are beaten back and embarrassed by information we never really had the Truth about. But that can’t happen here. You can try to lie to yourself.  We have been very good at that over the years. That game is now boring and is being removed from our option list.

Remembering that you can’t do your life Wrong will help here. It is when we mix our answers for our Journey in with some primordial mix of someone else’s journey where legitimate misunderstandings can take place and Egoic pride takes over with War as the result. Egos, pride and the “he said … she said” go flying and nothing is accomplished; feelings are hurt and confidence bends to fear of what is next.

Stay in your Space for the next couple of weeks. See how that feels. Observe those around you with their Journey but make a special effort to make no effort at all in their Journey. Check out your own Celestial Real Estate. Stay home for a while to restock your personal emotional and spiritual Inventory. Notice as you spend more time with yourself that the known world did not crumble or no life was lost just because you were not there to share in the misery of what has nothing to do with you anyway. Imagine just looking out for yourself … how does that sound?

We have all said… “if all I had to do was to take care of myself …. No problem” …

That time has come.

And so it is.

Carbon To Crystal

So here we are! Retrogrades (4 months of them) have passed so that we could clear all of our personal stuff out.  Seemingly dead in the water all these months, we emerge very different with a new sense of curiosity and somehow wiser, solid and much less afraid. Even though not many pieces are fitting together just yet there is within you a distant feeling of Well Being. There is a new string of connection that was not there before. There seems to be much less need to get whatever is out there. We have learned over these four months “inside” that the answers and the regeneration of who we really are … are found in the SILENCE.

Not bad when you think about it. We are the same people that had to check with the world, our Idols, the music, the fashion, and the social cliques before we could try to fit ourselves in one of those little cubical boxes that we are destined too in 3D. That is no longer the case; and you can feel it. There is a new subtle but determined power line in us that is Steady. We have developed a new Belief System that would have appeared Bold from our old place. Our new boundaries of privacy and what conversations we will participate in have Changed. People in our lives have changed. There is a new list of characters/interests in our lives and there has been a re-examination and culling of the old. Whatever interests or people that can’t be changed are viewed differently in the light of our new truth and more importantly our Understanding. That’s another thing… we seem to Understand so much more. Topics and titles of information that were never really considered before now seem to have a grass roots Understanding as if the mysteries of the 3D world are now laid out before us … and we find them Boring.

That’s right BOR—ING! I love it! Things, people and incidents that used to send me to the Fetal position of fear, self-disappointment and cursing my birth are now Gone. They raise their ugly head every now and then but have no real power in this new Era. This new breathe of life has us looking for New and Interesting. When was the last time we felt we could just walk away from all of our emotional demons and look for a good time that will thrill our souls? Never before… that’s when.    There is a new found albeit subtle courage we have found. The deep fear that used to hit us immediately on any sort of negative news toward us … is gone.

We are inherently proud of our new strength and even when you don’t try to show it … it pours out. Haha you will even catch yourself smiling inside to yourself for what seems to be no good reason. You don’t know why you are feeling like this … but you do. And you will gladly take it over the taffy pull your life has been so far. This new little “giggle” inside of you is your ticket stub for passing into the gates of the real GAME. Notice all the masses murmuring staring at their ticket   looking for their assigned seats. Now look at yours. No seat assignment. You no longer are going to be a Spectator in the Game of Life … You are a Player … a full participant. This game however is much different from the “usual” understanding.

Moving from 3D to 5D in our minds eye is an Intellectual, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual upgrade. There are no other words for it. It is the wonder of our separation from Duality to Oneness. In this miraculous metamorphosis the tempest of our energies has been concentrated on the inside of us for the last four months. We have learned the Power of our Aloneness. Sad, forlorn and pathetic was our feeling about ourselves and our surrounding when this all began. But over the months we have become comfortable with ourselves and resent the intrusion of any negative thought that moves us from our Space. Somehow real deep strength was discovered during this time in the wilderness of ourselves. We see clearly now the difference in how we feel, look and carry ourselves even if we don’t want to brag about it. You don’t have too. Others will notice something different about you. Very cool. Things have already gotten better … just less people.

On an Energetic basis though this transformation is as real as Steel. Surrounding all of us is our Ethereal Selves. It’s your personal Sovereign Space. You can actually see this area surrounding you if you unlucky enough to be seen with night goggles by someone. As our Spirit grows and guides us outside of our little bodies we become much bigger in terms of our inner strength, knowledge and Understanding. The 3D reality of our lives is very limited to touch taste smell. These are the basic Carbon realities and limitations that we have lived in. This area is full of fear, ignorance and duty. This truly Carbon base is strong but with very little flexibility and so dense that it has the most basic ability to be used as a flowing conductor for the vibrations from 5D. As Divine Humans our new grid must be fed High Octane thoughts that cannot pass through or be interpreted at the Carbon Level. This new 5D information blows up the Carbon circuit as its 3D capacity is too weak. This new Information stream comes in at a much higher frequency, like radio waves or microwaves. The proper conductor for such celestial vibrations is sent along the powerful Wave of the Crystalline Grid that is now part of your new Self. Thank you Retrograde. What you have now is a huge new allotment of the Innate Intuitive Intelligence. This new sophisticated Energy must by-pass the Carbon veil of limitations (read illusion) that exists in our 3D base. And it does so Easily.

You may find this new ground that you stand on a little uneasy at first. Wobbly if you will. Many of us believed that this long prayed for Separation from Duality to Oneness would be a feeling of being IN something New.  I am a bit surprised that the feeling I get is only that I AM OUT of something OLD. Not fearfully OUT. Not OUT of touch … not OUT alone. Just OUT. Free … unfettered… curious … a little intrepid… like an adventurous little boy that just found an abandon house or cave.

Whispering …. Come on … Lets check it out!!!

Woven Lives

I have woven a parachute out of all things Broken….. William Stafford
I like it! Comforting words that emit the Feeling of experienced wisdom and a certain peaceful confidence that settles in when this profound statement is read against the backdrop of our lives. In all of our lives some things have been broken. Relationships, families, hearts, bank accounts, dreams and plans all fall into the category of broken, failed and not good enough. However as we match ourselves up against the Perfection of …… hmmm …. Or of …. Hmmm … No … not One. Not Buddha, not Jesus, not Mohammad … not one President, King or Sultan can point to a perfect unbroken chain of their Lives and plans that did not need some extra weaving to make things right. So you can take that Bat (beating yourself up with) out of your hands and put it back on the shelf. Actually throw the damn thing away.
There is no place for it in this New Time in a new Earth. No one gets through this whole life thing unscathed. And you don’t have to look far in the newspaper or the TV news to see that there are lots of people you Would Not change places with … so let’s see if we can find some gratitude for where we are.
First of all you are a Seeker, a Traveler and an Adventurer (or you would not be reading these obscure Writings). You are hungry for “Something” as if it is about to give Birth at some soon moment. You are not sure what it is but it’s “Something”. And it is for you. That’s good right there. Don’t Move.
The state of Wonder is one of the main elixirs in the magic of Alchemy. Wondering what is coming next with the anticipation of a furtherance of your Adventure provide the Quantum choices you have at your disposal. At this moment you don’t have to know any more than that.
Sometimes we have a problem separating from the angst and the seeming necessity to get beyond this moment and on to the next. We feel we have to rush to an answer that has not been formulated yet. Why hasn’t it been formulated? Because you have to do it… you have to formulate it and that has to be done from a place of Calm and Confident vibratory waves that Are You to take the HYPE out of whatever is in front of you. Decisions and Actions taken from a place of panic or falsely placed sense of responsibility … gets things Broke. It’s Okay to break things because that’s what it takes to get your attention You could easily say that the Moment is lousy and I want to get out. You would be right about the Feeling of the Moment … but unfortnately that is about You. In this Moment you are still YOU. The same competent successful (being alive is success), accomplished (functional), Man or Woman you were two minutes before you heard whatever is now before you and making you go into overload in stress and chaos. The mere reading of those words of uncertainty lets you know that this is no place to Think from. So unless your dilemma is that you are about to be struck down by a vehicle … consider just taking a moment to find the rationale state of neutral or 0 Point Energy. Sounds like a mouthful but that simply means staying in the Eye of the Hurricane so that we can see and think. There is no denying there is a Wind about but finding a way out seems best served by a strategy of what IS rather than all the noise surrounding what … might be … or … was before this happened Understanding that you will have to come back to this 0 Point Energy base to begin your recovering positive wave vibration will go a long way to helping you change How you Feel about the moment. The fact that we are not that happy at this moment with this Contrast in our lives is “Understood” … so there is no need repeating out load how unhappy we are with this Feeling and naming all those who had a part in your agony of injustice. That just strikes up the band for Martyrdom.
Acceptance of whatever IS … will go a long way in taming the Ego that loves the drama. We already know that whatever it is you are dealing with has been in some form dealt with by every single operable Human Being since the Dawn of Time. There must be an answer. And there is. And you have it … for you and your individual Sovereign Journey based on information derived from the Human Element we all share … Life.
From Ancient Writings to your Mothers best advice is all information (light) that comes to you as an inherited birthright for Being. The idea is to build on all of that for base knowledge, add your personal life experience and apply it to your present day life. So as we live our lives we naturally organically weave the lessons of the past that endure with the present day technology of survival and forge a future wiser, kinder and more beautiful. This can only be done from the NOW. It is the” now “of this very moment that affords you Life. Not a Life that you must beg and grovel for, being fearful every moment that if you ate the wrong food or missed this supplement that your Life Force would be in jeopardy. The Will to live and the natural alkaline of our bodies make us tougher than that. Flagrant abuse and arrogance for the Life and the health of our bodies will weaken any living thing; on the other hand more respect/belief for the natural collaboration of mind body spirit will move quicker to health restored … than “upping the dosage”.
Even lives that may seem broken and irreparable because of some personal event or tragedy of the past can be woven into a parachute because that’s what IS. And whatever IT … IS it has happened to someone else before … probably everyone (in some form). Family and personal relationships that seems to have failed … have not failed … there was just a failure to let go when it was over. Everything begins with the intent of an End. To fight that Universal pull is to through yourself into a resistance field that could last a lifetime … and miss the whole gig.
Recently I watched a hummingbird busily hurry about its chores. Careful not to disturb anything from its place. Deftly moving, hovering, taking what was offered from every flower. Some were better than others as the time spent was not equal. Those who had more to offer … the longer the stay; those with less got a mere nod of the beak. There was no attack on the less generous there was only gratitude for its existence while anticipating there next meeting. We can be grateful for all who come into our lives to Teach us … and we must see their departure as graduation, or room for another Teacher. If we perfectly timed all relationships to end when they were the truly supposed to end we would have a wonderful respect for what was learned and the person that delivered it. Our perfection is in our imperfection. Computer chips and hard drives are efficient for our Data. Our pleasure however is woven from the Spontaneous rush of Life. The rush that begins inside and rushes to meet others who are Energetically a Seeker of the same as you. Not just people but opportunity, situations, money , health and like minds come calling. When Positive hopeful Energy calls, it is attracted too and begets its likeness. Negative resources operate on the same fair law … be a humming bird move on with gratitude.
“I have woven a parachute out of all things broken”. Mr. Stafford does not mention going to pick something up from the store to complete his life saving and adventurous task. Like us … all He needed is what he already Had. What appeared broken … seemed to somehow fit. What seemed impossible … happened.
We often think of parachutes as something used in emergencies to save our lives, and while this is largely true … it is also the same instrument that thrills your soul and squirms your belly … Para Sailing … catching the wind behind a fast moving boat and rising aloft with the Birds … the Sun and the Sea. Eyes closed in Oneness as if Woven in the fabric of Time and Space.
And so it is…

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