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Now that I am comfortably over 60 … its time to live. Living for me is now sharing what I have come here to know with all who will listen. Who will listen? Only those who hear/feel the nuance of truth and resonance in their own lives. That’s the perfect number.
My Teachings are all based on the real Law of Attraction, the most powerful consciousness available to the Human Being on this earth. While I am happy for the acclaim and word recognition the Law has received in the past, the actual truth of the Law of Attraction has been watered down in the name of commerce.
Understanding the Law of Attraction and its Energetic reality will change any life at the speed of thought, and most important; will explain every event, cause and outcome in our lives up until now. To me that was a place of great solace and life giving Power.
After a life time of doing it all wrong, making all the mistakes, hitting every wall, to find out now that it was all Me that was the cause … was very reassuring. Finding out that in a real way, in real time I had the power to cause my life to be the way it was was very good news. Why?...because it told me that there was no one or no thing out there to taunt, hurt or kill me. No external authority or foreign consciousness was in a strategic plot on my life. There was just me, the Author of my life.
The constant looking over my shoulder for an unseen enemy, the constant vigilance to protect myself and my family caused my energetic attention to always be prepared for the worst... and so the worst came.
While this may feel frightening, in my more enlightened mind, I see how many times this was the Universal tap on the shoulder that we all get. The tap is an effort and guidance for us to look inward, where truth is found, and to just step back from all of the outward imaginary plots and threats that we have created. For we are the Creators of our very own lives on Earth.
As the Carbon veil is lifted and the Crystalline put in place, Teachers such me will begin to show up all over the world. We are the Wayshowers to a new age. We cannot change anything except our own lives. But we can Show You the Way to yourself … and once there… ye shall be as gods.