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Woven Lives

I have woven a parachute out of all things Broken….. William Stafford
I like it! Comforting words that emit the Feeling of experienced wisdom and a certain peaceful confidence that settles in when this profound statement is read against the backdrop of our lives. In all of our lives some things have been broken. Relationships, families, hearts, bank accounts, dreams and plans all fall into the category of broken, failed and not good enough. However as we match ourselves up against the Perfection of …… hmmm …. Or of …. Hmmm … No … not One. Not Buddha, not Jesus, not Mohammad … not one President, King or Sultan can point to a perfect unbroken chain of their Lives and plans that did not need some extra weaving to make things right. So you can take that Bat (beating yourself up with) out of your hands and put it back on the shelf. Actually throw the damn thing away.
There is no place for it in this New Time in a new Earth. No one gets through this whole life thing unscathed. And you don’t have to look far in the newspaper or the TV news to see that there are lots of people you Would Not change places with … so let’s see if we can find some gratitude for where we are.
First of all you are a Seeker, a Traveler and an Adventurer (or you would not be reading these obscure Writings). You are hungry for “Something” as if it is about to give Birth at some soon moment. You are not sure what it is but it’s “Something”. And it is for you. That’s good right there. Don’t Move.
The state of Wonder is one of the main elixirs in the magic of Alchemy. Wondering what is coming next with the anticipation of a furtherance of your Adventure provide the Quantum choices you have at your disposal. At this moment you don’t have to know any more than that.
Sometimes we have a problem separating from the angst and the seeming necessity to get beyond this moment and on to the next. We feel we have to rush to an answer that has not been formulated yet. Why hasn’t it been formulated? Because you have to do it… you have to formulate it and that has to be done from a place of Calm and Confident vibratory waves that Are You to take the HYPE out of whatever is in front of you. Decisions and Actions taken from a place of panic or falsely placed sense of responsibility … gets things Broke. It’s Okay to break things because that’s what it takes to get your attention You could easily say that the Moment is lousy and I want to get out. You would be right about the Feeling of the Moment … but unfortnately that is about You. In this Moment you are still YOU. The same competent successful (being alive is success), accomplished (functional), Man or Woman you were two minutes before you heard whatever is now before you and making you go into overload in stress and chaos. The mere reading of those words of uncertainty lets you know that this is no place to Think from. So unless your dilemma is that you are about to be struck down by a vehicle … consider just taking a moment to find the rationale state of neutral or 0 Point Energy. Sounds like a mouthful but that simply means staying in the Eye of the Hurricane so that we can see and think. There is no denying there is a Wind about but finding a way out seems best served by a strategy of what IS rather than all the noise surrounding what … might be … or … was before this happened Understanding that you will have to come back to this 0 Point Energy base to begin your recovering positive wave vibration will go a long way to helping you change How you Feel about the moment. The fact that we are not that happy at this moment with this Contrast in our lives is “Understood” … so there is no need repeating out load how unhappy we are with this Feeling and naming all those who had a part in your agony of injustice. That just strikes up the band for Martyrdom.
Acceptance of whatever IS … will go a long way in taming the Ego that loves the drama. We already know that whatever it is you are dealing with has been in some form dealt with by every single operable Human Being since the Dawn of Time. There must be an answer. And there is. And you have it … for you and your individual Sovereign Journey based on information derived from the Human Element we all share … Life.
From Ancient Writings to your Mothers best advice is all information (light) that comes to you as an inherited birthright for Being. The idea is to build on all of that for base knowledge, add your personal life experience and apply it to your present day life. So as we live our lives we naturally organically weave the lessons of the past that endure with the present day technology of survival and forge a future wiser, kinder and more beautiful. This can only be done from the NOW. It is the” now “of this very moment that affords you Life. Not a Life that you must beg and grovel for, being fearful every moment that if you ate the wrong food or missed this supplement that your Life Force would be in jeopardy. The Will to live and the natural alkaline of our bodies make us tougher than that. Flagrant abuse and arrogance for the Life and the health of our bodies will weaken any living thing; on the other hand more respect/belief for the natural collaboration of mind body spirit will move quicker to health restored … than “upping the dosage”.
Even lives that may seem broken and irreparable because of some personal event or tragedy of the past can be woven into a parachute because that’s what IS. And whatever IT … IS it has happened to someone else before … probably everyone (in some form). Family and personal relationships that seems to have failed … have not failed … there was just a failure to let go when it was over. Everything begins with the intent of an End. To fight that Universal pull is to through yourself into a resistance field that could last a lifetime … and miss the whole gig.
Recently I watched a hummingbird busily hurry about its chores. Careful not to disturb anything from its place. Deftly moving, hovering, taking what was offered from every flower. Some were better than others as the time spent was not equal. Those who had more to offer … the longer the stay; those with less got a mere nod of the beak. There was no attack on the less generous there was only gratitude for its existence while anticipating there next meeting. We can be grateful for all who come into our lives to Teach us … and we must see their departure as graduation, or room for another Teacher. If we perfectly timed all relationships to end when they were the truly supposed to end we would have a wonderful respect for what was learned and the person that delivered it. Our perfection is in our imperfection. Computer chips and hard drives are efficient for our Data. Our pleasure however is woven from the Spontaneous rush of Life. The rush that begins inside and rushes to meet others who are Energetically a Seeker of the same as you. Not just people but opportunity, situations, money , health and like minds come calling. When Positive hopeful Energy calls, it is attracted too and begets its likeness. Negative resources operate on the same fair law … be a humming bird move on with gratitude.
“I have woven a parachute out of all things broken”. Mr. Stafford does not mention going to pick something up from the store to complete his life saving and adventurous task. Like us … all He needed is what he already Had. What appeared broken … seemed to somehow fit. What seemed impossible … happened.
We often think of parachutes as something used in emergencies to save our lives, and while this is largely true … it is also the same instrument that thrills your soul and squirms your belly … Para Sailing … catching the wind behind a fast moving boat and rising aloft with the Birds … the Sun and the Sea. Eyes closed in Oneness as if Woven in the fabric of Time and Space.
And so it is…

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