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Down and Open

Down and Out is the usual saying. It is used to describe that miserable time of confusion and uncertainty in our lives after the realization that what you believed to be True … is not. These are not usually small things in life that we find are not true, these are the big things that have a strong connection to our Belief System. Our Belief System is the set of rules we run our lives by. Integrity, love, trust, freedom, honesty are the basic necessities for a life of stress free enjoyment. All noble words that we can agree are essential but rarely find in any form of continuum in our lives.

Interestingly enough and as Life would have it no other way, these shakings that rock us to our fundamental emotional base are delivered in the form of events with other people. Our Human fellowship with one another is the educational delivery system we all agreed to come here for in our Sacred Contract for this journey we live.

Our Belief System is powerful and frames our view of the world and all that is in it. When one speaks of their Perspective it is from this same Belief System that this is formed. We move like sub atomic particles frantically seeking out like minded Belief Systems to create the larger forum for the expansion of our mind and therefore our Lives.  Great store for us is in these relationships with both the people and philosophies that we share. These become our foundation and sometimes what we believe is our very reason for living. When we attach so much of ourselves to these developed theories and set them in stone we become rigid, stiff and intransigent. These traits make for strong alliances and merry making in the good times. However what appears to be loyalty to a cause or philosophy may feel like chains to a wall in a cold cell if/when something happens that crushes the honeymoon mentality. It is at this time that we are swept over with the sick feeling of betrayal and naivety. These emotions sink to the core of whom we are; where the shock and numbness keep us quiet, stoic and sedentary, until we figure out what to do next.

All is Well. You are right where you are supposed to BE. Quiet, Stoic and Deep. This is a time … take the time. Think about it. How often do you get a real chance to sit down with yourself and see how you are doing and how it’s going? There may very well be some sadness with this … so be sad. Cry … be disappointed … feel your grief and your dislocation from all you thought you knew for sure. You can even feel sorry for yourself here. That is Self Love too. In the calmer moments and at a later time you will look back and wonder who/how provided the hushed comfort in your thoughts. How did I survive and find my way back. Once again … All You.

So here we Are.  As we look out at the new landscape of our lives we see the buildings of our Belief in tatters. Monumental tall structures of intimate belief and trust now laid waste and scattered for miles. Awareness and Acceptance are now the order of the Day. Maturation allows us now to assimilate what was learned to Create a new foundation with all the same ingredients as before. Looking down at the debris looks ominous and disheartening and can harbour feelings of failure.

So Look Up! Raise your stare to the new wide open space that was cluttered with immovable thoughts and beliefs that became so powerful that they blocked the light and the horizon. Life has stopped you dead in your tracks for a reason.  A renewal of energy and a new reason for living is in the offering, but it is up to us to design it. There is no rush. Racing around trying to patch up something that you know you are done with or is done with you will ensure another walk down this road. It’s not wrong to do, because you can’t do it wrong … but you can do it different. Your Journey is in neutral right now so that you can be Open.

When we are numbed by events it comes as a certain protection. It is from this place that the Phoenix shall rise. He doesn’t always rise as he is depicted … 9 foot tall winged Creature blazing fire at his feet. Looking at that and expecting ourselves to be there at this moment would make it worse. We didn’t get to this state overnight and Time is now on your side to withdraw and renew.

This has been a shock but and education as well.  We are big people and we know that somehow this was necessary. We have certainly learned what we Don’t want in our next life adventure and belief system. So now let’s concentrate on what we Do want in our continued run at life.

Only you can design this Menu. Much of it will be as before but with the improvements that Feel like it is more comfortable for you to be settled and secure. You are everything. We will find as we scour the remains of “what once was”; that the debris is mostly comprised of “things and others beliefs we have adopted” for whatever reasons. It’s clear now that they have fulfilled their duties to the Journey and have created the Bridge to get here… where you are now. Open. Open for improvement, open for correction, open to forgiveness and open to a new borderless landscape that holds the new and yet unrevealed You.

Come on … this is fun. Imagine the looks on the faces of those will admire you for your new emotional, intellectual and mature approach to this hit you have taken. This happens to us all… that’s why we are here. Withdraw and renew. New plans that are exciting with more time for creating now that your energy is not sucked away with the old Regime and all the time dedicated to it.

In your new plan you will make more room for yourself to check in more often. Breath Meditation is a sweet piece here. Take the time … it will reward you well. Be good to yourself because as you can see when the rice hits the fan and the crowds have gone home … You are all you Have. That is not said in a bad or sad way; but in a way that lets you know where you can always go and who the one presence Is that will be with you Always … you and your Higher Self. It is your Higher Self who holds you when you shake with fear or sickness … it is the Higher Silent Self that plucks you from the fire too cool your jets for another flight. And it is your Higher Self that watches you mature and wonders at the 3 D maze of emotion we let throw us to and fro.

Down and Open is not the way back. We can’t go back … that space is full and gone forever … kinda good news. Down and Open is about going not just forward  … but Further. Further than ever before in the most positive direction and vibration that we can muster.

Start your new Belief System with this. Believe that whatever it was in your life that hurt you and brought you to your knees (senses) was real and happened. Believe that this has happened to Every human being that has walked the Earth. And Believe that this is the way God and the Universe forge the new and better from the old and torn.

You are right where you are supposed to BE … expanding your Understanding of Life and all Life around you.

And so it Is.

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