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Crystalline Grid … Locked In

It’s here; and I must say that I can hardly believe it! After 15 yrs of mayhem, destruction and loss … Justice flows to those who have been crying and panting on the floor wondering “Why Me” and “Why was I ever Born”.
This is not a respite until more shows up. This is the END of the BEGINNING in all of our lives. During the Second World War, Winston Churchill told the British people that the war was now turning in their favor. With that welcomed news was a phrase that has stuck with me all these years. He said in a tone of caution; “This is not the End of the War, not even the beginning of the End of the War. But it is the End of the Beginning”. And so it is with us.
If you are alive and reading this … Congratulations! You made it. We are in the very very early steps of the “New Earth” Eckhart Tolle spoke about in his book of the same name The New Earth. And I want you to know that if you are here at this moment in time on Earth you are the envy of many personalities in your higher collective.
Since 2012, the Energies of light (information) have been increasing and enlightenment has led (read forced) us through a purging and cleansing that if we had known about, I am sure we all would have refused. But we didn’t know and didn’t refuse. This shedding (read ripping) of our 3D persona has been part of the process of getting Authentic. Being Authentic is the unfiltered truth and Understanding about our lives and our part in it; and is the baseplate of all learning and expansion. Without it … we remain in darkness. Finding our true messed up Selves in the Mayhem of the last decade or so felt like crap, but soon all that hate, anger and self-pity will fade to Gratitude. Trust me … it was all worth it … and I know I am talking Big here, and swore I would never say that this life was worth the pain; but what I have to share with you is beyond words.
I have often held back on what I have come to know because I don’t want to sound too crazy or way out there. But that time is now over. That kind of reluctance was indicative of my 3D fear and ego.
Here we go. For the Traveller and student of the higher mind you know that there has been a Veil of chaos and confusion (3D) that separates our higher mind and higher Selves (5D) from the 3rd dimensional world we have chosen to live in. For the last 25,000 yrs that has been the case. This separation (veil) has been almost impenetrable and very few saw any light from the other side. That veil was, for all those years the construct of a Carbon based ethereal substance that repelled light (information) laden with the Truth and Clarity. The light to decipher the reason for our lives was not accessible to the Human mind; but now it is flowing and open.
Since December 2012, there has been a process (everything is a Process) of transforming that Carbon material, in an ethereal way, to Crystalline. The importance of this is clear. And that’s it… its clear. The black carbon substance that could refuse all light and stale the air of expansion has been replaced with a clear beautiful Crystal like substance that reflects the light and magnifies it to the receiving mind as it passes through. Nothing needs to be deciphered any more. The words of light are clear, present and available for use immediately. The promise of Alchemical magic is here and offered as a matching of the human vibration as the vibration rises to receive its prize. The prize is the manifestation of all your dreams and more. It’s already in the bank; and the interest paid, comes in the form of “Greater than your wildest imagination”.
This is so important I want to say it in another way. In all the days before this, we would encounter mind numbing problems and we would be on the ground weak from searching for a way out; but remained with “no answers” and none in sight. We now can breathe easy as “all the information of the Universe” is available for your consideration as the Crystalline Grid allows all and more than you can fathom at any one time on any subject you care to consider. Problems (contrast) will appear to travel to you in a box, with the answers taped to the outside of them. From a place of observation you will approach any “contrast” (problems) in your life with the confidence you would have in picking something up and handing it to someone who could not quite reach the object of desire. That someone is You. You … the facilitator, you the self-healer, you the Leader of your life. Who knows you like You? A few trips around this block and you won’t care what anybody thinks or how they run their own lives (Sovereign Space). You will see and feel that anything outside of your Space is not your business. Your Space will be so secure you will secretly smile as your I AM comes into Being at the forefront ushering in new light for a new time, on a new Earth … for a new You. Don’t look over your shoulder for the Calvary to come. Look in the mirror. It is You whom you have been waiting for. You are the hero of your story; as it was always meant to be. It was the counting on the system, the family, our heroes and the need to fit in that has either sucked out our creative process or polluted our Sovereign space, with the belief system of strangers, that can’t possibly improve our plight to Peace within.
The Alchemical Age is here as well. Man the hits keep coming. Anything the mind can conceive can now show up in your 3D reality. When an inspirational thought comes into our mind now, it will come with some resonance and weight. That thought, once considered and approved by … guess who… You, will then take on a thought form (more solid and tangible), your thought form is then run through your existing Belief System for discernment. (See the importance of continually revamping our belief systems). Once that part is satisfied this thought form then becomes our Will.
The Conscious Human Will is the most powerful event on this Earth.
From this emotional commitment destinies are realized. Lifetime dreams fall into place as the Divine Human takes his place at the top of Creation to “reign” in his/her calling of having Dominion over All the Earth. This is all done from the 18” of energetic space that surrounds your body. A veritable cylinder like space that you live and operate from. This Sacred space should be kept in the most “pristine” condition as this is the food for thought that you choose to consider. The vibration of Truth and Life surrounds your body with the power to manifest anything you need or want in this life; as it operates from this Sacred space that we have ignored for at least, one lifetime. Trillions upon trillions of sub atomic particles containing the “wisdom of the ages” now swirl around you, right now in this Sovereign Space waiting like a Smorgasbord to be called in to use as You see fit. As you can see … we have total control. Total artistic licence to do anything you want. Create anything in your life from Nothing. Gods you say?? … You damned right I Do.
This new Understanding allows the collaborative effects of God within. You are a Sovereign Being; an extension of pure positive energy, You are the very breathe of life. We are inextricably connected to “All that Is” (God) as a Son or Daughter. We are not slaves or subjects to anything. We are the creators of everything on Earth that Nature (gaia) did not supply. That includes the creation of other Humans, as in our children. Who can create life in its highest Earthly form if not a god of some kind? We are here as collaborators and representatives of the Most High in thought and deed. We walk and think in the image, of a power that fears nothing, for it is Everything. And Everything is Everything. We are to roam this beautiful blue planet as owners and purveyors of all that is here. Walking tall and certainly not begging and thanking some august power for the privilege to be alive. Speaking of ourselves as such lowly subjects is really an affront to the entire Human Creation process. This magnificent process should be honored as we should be honored. We are an extension of Life and the Creator of the same. The depth of our understanding and the height of our ability know no boundaries; as all things are possible in this New Earth. This new day shines as we bask in the light of Crystal Diamonds delivered in the gentle breeze of Human/God love and respect for all that we Are … and all that IS.
Yin and Yang. Masculine and Feminine. Acceptance and Detachment. Good and bad … positive and negative. None wrong… all necessary. Can you feel the okayness and Oneness with all of this. These are the things that appear to make life complicated but we are highly complex Beings. These kinds of decisions are child’s play for the Enlightened mind in this enlightened new era. The body can only hold one Vibration (emotion) at a time. There are only two Vibrations to choose from .. Positive or Negative. Do you think your god-like self, who creates Human Life, builds cities and sends people to the moon; can make the right choice here?
Yes … if it is the calm of the day in your mind.

In this new Crystalline era, students will learn at warp speed. What it took me since 1999 to get in the Carbon era, just past, will be accelerated to hasten this new long awaited Time. It is times like this moment when the menial words of our vocabulary and language frustrate my intention to be Crystal clear and give this exciting time its due, so that you may be inspired to follow the path less travelled. The unknown is friendly to the searching soul, as the price of admission … has been PAID. All is well!
A brand spanking new life is available for you right now … no matter the age. For those with an ear … let them hear. Your old life is now passed away. It is the End of a cruel Beginning. There is no War to be over … collaboration with your true nature will change the world in the times ahead as more people come to this conclusion and the masses create the necessary enlightened Consciousness for global change to a golden age. Respect will return to all the Tribes of Men and an innately intelligent Peace will form as we celebrate our tribal uniqueness’s on the shared platform of Humanity.
On a closing note today, I want to share something personal with you. I don’t say the following to impress you … but to impress upon you that this is a very special time in history for you and actually all of Creation wherever that may be. I am a very (trust me) ordinary Man, and for many reasons am glad to see the End of the Beginning of my life. In recent years I have searched with tears in my eyes to find a higher meaning. It was this emotional commitment and belief that this life was much more than I was experiencing at the time. I was right, even though I often thought I would never utter those words; so very much had gone wrong.
I have been wandering around in my head and my life trying to find a purpose for my existence since my wife passed in 2011. Completely unsettled I have tried to augment the missing parts of my joy in my Writing over these recent years, not only to share … but to learn. As I searched for help outside I found none. Then forced back inside alone, first out of fear and censure; that later softened and evolved to safety and pure positive love for myself. I can’t tell you how difficult that was for me. My life defeats became my shield of experience and guide of discernment. My shame morphed to pride of having taken it like a Man … in Silence, once again.
I AM a Man. I AM a Man like none other I know. This winter the reason for my existence came to me as gently as a Sea breeze, in the day… in the Silence.
All of the fighting, sickness and fear that I had experienced in my life; was just that… sick fear. My next communique’ to you I will share my direction and my destiny for my time left. You will be very impressed to see what can be done with a “worthless pound of Clay”. Throw me to the Wolves and I will return … leading the Pack!
I am an old man by the youthful standards of this world. Ready to be set aside as a burden until I get the good sense to follow my wife. I will always love you my dearest … Iola (my deceased wife) … but you won’t be seeing me for quite a while. I have found something to do here … actually this upcoming part of my life shall be my grandest accomplishment. Just cheer for me … sweet girl… like always!

And so it is…


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