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Carbon To Crystal

So here we are! Retrogrades (4 months of them) have passed so that we could clear all of our personal stuff out.  Seemingly dead in the water all these months, we emerge very different with a new sense of curiosity and somehow wiser, solid and much less afraid. Even though not many pieces are fitting together just yet there is within you a distant feeling of Well Being. There is a new string of connection that was not there before. There seems to be much less need to get whatever is out there. We have learned over these four months “inside” that the answers and the regeneration of who we really are … are found in the SILENCE.

Not bad when you think about it. We are the same people that had to check with the world, our Idols, the music, the fashion, and the social cliques before we could try to fit ourselves in one of those little cubical boxes that we are destined too in 3D. That is no longer the case; and you can feel it. There is a new subtle but determined power line in us that is Steady. We have developed a new Belief System that would have appeared Bold from our old place. Our new boundaries of privacy and what conversations we will participate in have Changed. People in our lives have changed. There is a new list of characters/interests in our lives and there has been a re-examination and culling of the old. Whatever interests or people that can’t be changed are viewed differently in the light of our new truth and more importantly our Understanding. That’s another thing… we seem to Understand so much more. Topics and titles of information that were never really considered before now seem to have a grass roots Understanding as if the mysteries of the 3D world are now laid out before us … and we find them Boring.

That’s right BOR—ING! I love it! Things, people and incidents that used to send me to the Fetal position of fear, self-disappointment and cursing my birth are now Gone. They raise their ugly head every now and then but have no real power in this new Era. This new breathe of life has us looking for New and Interesting. When was the last time we felt we could just walk away from all of our emotional demons and look for a good time that will thrill our souls? Never before… that’s when.    There is a new found albeit subtle courage we have found. The deep fear that used to hit us immediately on any sort of negative news toward us … is gone.

We are inherently proud of our new strength and even when you don’t try to show it … it pours out. Haha you will even catch yourself smiling inside to yourself for what seems to be no good reason. You don’t know why you are feeling like this … but you do. And you will gladly take it over the taffy pull your life has been so far. This new little “giggle” inside of you is your ticket stub for passing into the gates of the real GAME. Notice all the masses murmuring staring at their ticket   looking for their assigned seats. Now look at yours. No seat assignment. You no longer are going to be a Spectator in the Game of Life … You are a Player … a full participant. This game however is much different from the “usual” understanding.

Moving from 3D to 5D in our minds eye is an Intellectual, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual upgrade. There are no other words for it. It is the wonder of our separation from Duality to Oneness. In this miraculous metamorphosis the tempest of our energies has been concentrated on the inside of us for the last four months. We have learned the Power of our Aloneness. Sad, forlorn and pathetic was our feeling about ourselves and our surrounding when this all began. But over the months we have become comfortable with ourselves and resent the intrusion of any negative thought that moves us from our Space. Somehow real deep strength was discovered during this time in the wilderness of ourselves. We see clearly now the difference in how we feel, look and carry ourselves even if we don’t want to brag about it. You don’t have too. Others will notice something different about you. Very cool. Things have already gotten better … just less people.

On an Energetic basis though this transformation is as real as Steel. Surrounding all of us is our Ethereal Selves. It’s your personal Sovereign Space. You can actually see this area surrounding you if you unlucky enough to be seen with night goggles by someone. As our Spirit grows and guides us outside of our little bodies we become much bigger in terms of our inner strength, knowledge and Understanding. The 3D reality of our lives is very limited to touch taste smell. These are the basic Carbon realities and limitations that we have lived in. This area is full of fear, ignorance and duty. This truly Carbon base is strong but with very little flexibility and so dense that it has the most basic ability to be used as a flowing conductor for the vibrations from 5D. As Divine Humans our new grid must be fed High Octane thoughts that cannot pass through or be interpreted at the Carbon Level. This new 5D information blows up the Carbon circuit as its 3D capacity is too weak. This new Information stream comes in at a much higher frequency, like radio waves or microwaves. The proper conductor for such celestial vibrations is sent along the powerful Wave of the Crystalline Grid that is now part of your new Self. Thank you Retrograde. What you have now is a huge new allotment of the Innate Intuitive Intelligence. This new sophisticated Energy must by-pass the Carbon veil of limitations (read illusion) that exists in our 3D base. And it does so Easily.

You may find this new ground that you stand on a little uneasy at first. Wobbly if you will. Many of us believed that this long prayed for Separation from Duality to Oneness would be a feeling of being IN something New.  I am a bit surprised that the feeling I get is only that I AM OUT of something OLD. Not fearfully OUT. Not OUT of touch … not OUT alone. Just OUT. Free … unfettered… curious … a little intrepid… like an adventurous little boy that just found an abandon house or cave.

Whispering …. Come on … Lets check it out!!!

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