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Big People Live Here!!

The last five years have been some interesting times of purging and perhaps being purged. All the parts that didn’t fit finally fell off. Good News, even if WE were the ones being purged. Many reading this will feel the pain of being “left behind and disenfranchised” from work, friends and even family. Our constant wondering if it could get any worse was the catalyst that brought us the impossible … worse. If however we were to truly examine this with an open mind, it is a backhanded way of letting us know that the direction of our thoughts and the tremendous power of what the Human mind can conceive, is truly powerful and is available for us to form the life we want. When we continually consider our lives as emotional death spirals, they actually became one. Not pleasant … but check the real Power.
Our Oneness with the Universe and our natural ability to “create a world” to live in, just by what we think, speak and feel has brought us here. It may look like a train wreck but it’s not! We are still on the right side of the grass and in one piece … broken hearts can’t count here. They can’t count because we can see all that happened; we see from a place of observation … now. We can see it now because we are spent with emotion. There is no more fight and there can’t be any more tears, as we now look at our lives without the “emotion” of what happened … we see only the result and our part in it all, as surely we were involved.
Here is the good news for all who have had a rough ride lately. Here you are. There is something new about you and how you see yourself. Those who have been searching for years to find “it” are now learning that “it” has always been there, with us. The Phoenix that rises when we turn to face life rises in us. Even if it is something from the outside that triggers our return to control and planning our way. That is what the outside is for. To create an emotion that will create a thought and a plan to expand our ability to live the adventures we are here to experience.
What has been lacking is the “Self Love” in all this. Many are hurt because they feel betrayed by those who they trusted their lives too. Looking closely we might find that it was us “hanging on” to them for our own reasons and to be honest, should have let go a long time ago. Trusting in ourselves, inside the parameters of our own life, is what this Power is for. Ignoring this mechanism to try to follow someone else’s journey will not work. It was never intended to be that way.

Oh well … so What? Better late than never. The maturity of Awareness dries the tears and strengthens the core of who we are.
Awareness becomes acute when we indulge in Self Love/Respect. Like being tossed at Sea in a violent storm on a three mast ship and you were the only one on board; and being thrown onto a Deserted Island alone. There will be someone to come and rescue you by boat … but they will pick up a different person than the One that left the shores in the first place.
Awareness leads the senses and intellect into a stand that feels strong and with nothing to lose. This is not a desperate or a last stand to the death, “nothing to lose”; it’s purposeful to create the future of change with the new reality of what truly is. This acceptance steels the will and accepts “what is” as a matter of fact and not a matter bad luck or shame.
It is more a signal of a change in your new Modus Operandi … responsible for yourSELF, and only too yourSELF. The turmoil and the violent battle at Sea was the fight … this is the Calm. Can you feel it?
Things change. This was not an assault against you … it was a purging to get everyone into their Authentic roles. That is what 2014 was all about. The year of the Chinese Wooden Horse started running at the end of the first quarter of 2014 and did not stop until mid-December. Its terrible rumble shook loose anything that was not firmly attached and in your corner.
You are not alone… see yourself as free. When was the last time all you had to do was take care of yourself? Getting to know yourself will be much more rewarding than you think. You are waaayyy cool. Once you see/feel this about yourself … others will too. Your new presence will not go by unnoticed. The fact that you have emerged on this new landscape, looking refreshed from the lessened load and understanding now that what you Think, feel and say about your life makes it happen in REAL TIME. That is Alchemy. That’s the Law of Attraction… Built in … can’t shut it off … won’t stop working. It got you here, it got you through, and it will take you wherever your positive attitude will Allow.
It is here where we must remember that the body can only hold one vibration at a time. There are only two vibrations to choose from; Positive or Negative. Seems simple … but it will take a conscious effort to not fall into old patterns.
If nothing changes… nothing changes. You don’t want to get back on that boat do you? Accept the change that you are. Live the Change that you are! Love and respect what it took to make these changes in you. Gratitude all around… even for the crap that pointed you here.
For most of us the Deep Fear is gone. Check it … it’s not there. There used to be this deep sickening feeling about most things. Concern that somehow you would find a way to screw this all up, with a choir singing back up of “I told you So”. It was never as bad as you thought it was going to be. Those daze are gone. We understand detachment as we have seen that it is the only way to survive the emotional train wreck living in the past can be.
And for “overachievers” who were actually capable of … Screwing it Up … we saw the opportunity and seized the moment. Yessir yessir … We mashed it up so bad that it could not have been done better/worse if we planned it. It wasn’t planned but here it is. At the very base of it all, whatever it was, it was just a mistake. Okay maybe a series of mistakes … a couple of wrong turns … they happen.
So What…Big Deal…we paid the price…we are not crying… Big People Live Here!!
Do you see? You can’t do it wrong. It was the path chosen by you to learn these lessons to the core.
Actually there is no Right or Wrong…. Only Short and Long. You see when we make a decision or choose a path it is either the short way to the perceived goal or it is the long way. Sometimes (maybe often) we must take the LONG (wrong) way to actually learn the lessons that must be learned in this life’s journey and Sacred Contract that we have. The “long way” is fraught with unusual characters and sleepless nights and head holding concern, but, we always get there or somewhere and we are still very much in the game of Life. Sometimes (maybe less often) we take the “short” (right) way to our solution and we are very very grateful. But then we think we just got lucky. But it isn’t luck … it’s the performance we get when we calmly approach our own lives with ourselves in mind.
So many things go into our decisions in life that we are unaware of. We all develop personal Belief Systems that we gather from our lives. These belief systems are started as soon as we can talk and walk. The often no longer serve their purpose and should be discarded from our “decision process”. Personal reward, Ego, Family needs etc. These are all natural events and part of what we are here to figure out and find the Balance. There is no mountain to climb; only a center to hold.
Face your life as the Human Truth … accept your part in it all and it will shrink before your truthful admission. There is so much power in the truth. The authentic truth will make everything clear and offer the most credible path.
Here is somethings I have found … as I was an Overacheiver… that now serve me well.
1. Give from a loving heart, not looking for reward or recognition… because no good deed shall go unpunished. (It’s just life, no judgement)
2. I AM my first consideration in all things now. What I do for myself I do for the World. (This one was a tough one to learn)
3. Learn what is your business and what is not. If it doesn’t affect my breathing it is not My Business. i.e .. What other people think of me … Is not my Business.
4. And finally …. DO NO HARM. (Never purposely hurt or destroy from anger or revenge)… walk away… expanded and whole.
And so it is.


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