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A Larger Sense of You

Well Finally! The entire Agenda for the year is about You.  That will be a nice change. Depending on how old you are you have been going through many years of responsibility. Sometimes this responsibility was true and actually warranted or we may have made up some fantastic romantic story about something or someone and “created” our very own Melodrama with us being the Star. Too much HBO “me thinks”.

However, none of those matters now as it is a time being allocated to the past which is as dead and powerless as can be; unless we Energize it with our attentive vibration. The only value in looking back (but not staring) is that we know we can do better. That’s it … that’s all. If we go back and examine every “he said … she said” we will rile ourselves up with the same energy as the original concern and it is certain that we will do something that we will have at our disposal to regret again tomorrow. 

In this new wonderful time … and I mean that literally … time of Wonder! We are going to start to feel and sense a new interest in ourselves and feel some things or thoughts that we have held “dear to us” that appear to fall away to a new enlightened Energy that now gently points out that it is Time for Change. “If nothing changes … nothing changes. There is also another wonderful saying that I use often and it is so real and poignant … When the Pain of Change is Less that the Pain of Staying the Same … Change will Occur.

We are all Human Beings and live in this Universal Paradox. No Being is so adapted to Change … making Change … willing Change with our minds; and at the same time will give “life, limb and mind” to avoid the very thing we have come here to experience and revel in … Change. That statement alone lets us know that the real struggle is with ourselves. That’s good news. I mean who knows us better than US; or is it True? Well this is the year to find out.

None of these questions need an answer right now. This year is full of new inclinations with information about ourselves that has never been available before Energetically. Moments of Clarity on situations that have clouded the mind and judgement will now fall into place as if they should have always been there. Realizations will come to you that will solve and free you from self-made emotional confinement that at one time seemed to be “the only way”. It will take some courage to make these moves but Courage comes with the new package. As your self-interest and self-respect return as Self Love you will find that these are easy and obvious. There will be a freeing of time and resources now that you can spend real time on the Agenda for this year … You.

It is important not to regret or chastise One’s self for past performances. Just accept what IS, be grateful you are still on the right side of the grass to Get This … and prepare to work in concert with your Good Karma to change your life with a sense of Oneness of Purpose and a confidence from your history as it turns to Wisdom, Counsel and Understanding in your new Place. In the past we have been reticent to give ourselves the credit of being Wise and Experienced. However it now feels like it is righteous to do so. We believe we have either figured it out or paid the Price; doesn’t matter (its history) we are Here.

And where is here? Haha You tell me. Where do you want it to Be. Do you want to just sit and drink in the change and feel the new fortification and resolve of your new power and interest in You? Good … do it. You can languish in this for a while. You deserve it. Nothing can happen until you initiate and Energize It, so … relax and Wonder. Do I make it sound like the world is waiting for you to decide in which way it will go. The answer to that is Yes and it will … gladly. Your World … Your Sacred Space … Your Eternal Energy moves your World. The World… is a by-product of your Existence.  It truly is … look around.  The School, the grocery store, the job, money, government … all here to serve the You of you. And when the YOU’S all gather we have societies and more important we have a Consciousness. Everything on this Earth is been put here either For Man or By Man.

For the first time in many years you are going to revisit your Life and smile. There have been some good times to be fair. There are many times when we would not allow ourselves to enjoy and feel them at the moment. Fear and living in some future moment made us emotionally Absent so many times at some precious occasions. No problem. That is what Contrast (trouble) is for. It is there for us to figure out that most of it was not necessary and those that were; were Educational. The truth is … that in your new space… you can go back and revisit those seemingly lost moments and recreate/feel the joy around you with others that you missed. You will also see the faces of grateful people that you provided many good times for … but would not give yourself the Credit.

Good … take it now. For sure. You are a good Mom, Dad, Friend, Sibling, Child and Citizen. Everyone around us saw those qualities in us and we are the last to recognize our Greatness. Nothing is perfect (but it is) and that is how we learn. We came here to learn and this year you are going to learn a new appreciation for whom you are and what your capabilities are as you continue to draw closer to yourself …. Haha and Like it.

Come on … go inside. You have done some crazy things. The kind of things that make you shake your head and hope to hell your kids or parents never hear about.  Smiling … but they were fun. Crazy adventures outside the box thrill us and we love to jump back and forth. We love the thrill of the chase. We love overcoming something that we once feared from lack of knowledge or familiarity. Becoming familiar with things and events in life are what we are all about. We are here to have dominion over all that exists in the Earth. Not in a Slave/Master way but in a much more Co-operative Supply/Desire (demand) way. If you will spend the duly required amount of time searching yourself out and becoming friendly and acquainted with yourself again (as a child) you will find a closeness that you can feel and is like No Other. There is a deep love and admiration waiting for you in this search. After all when there was nobody … here is where you ended up. There was always a place for you here. A tip of the hat and a thank you could be in order to yourself for the generous hospitality offered from this special place that only you can enter. Be jealous of this place and with a certain Fierceness You should guard it from things and people who would come and destroy the solemnity of this space and time. The way we Guard this place is to Withdraw from all Energy that does not feed the fire of your own Well Being. You have protected and taken care of all those around you that you could or were designed to care for. You are an excellent warrior or you would not be here to read this. So now with less Vigour but with more Confidence … do the same for yourself.

When we battle for others like children, spouses and family we do so with a certain desperation because we are afraid that we might lose or not get the results we desire or those whom we are fighting for desire.  Naturally that fear would be there as we are dealing with outside Human Elements that are outside of our control and completely unpredictable. How many times has a partner or victim we are trying to save  … surprise us in a negative way about how they really think… or what REALLY happened. Our love and loyalty to others leaves us open for such skullduggery and we inherently know that so we are either go over the top in emotion or are beaten back and embarrassed by information we never really had the Truth about. But that can’t happen here. You can try to lie to yourself.  We have been very good at that over the years. That game is now boring and is being removed from our option list.

Remembering that you can’t do your life Wrong will help here. It is when we mix our answers for our Journey in with some primordial mix of someone else’s journey where legitimate misunderstandings can take place and Egoic pride takes over with War as the result. Egos, pride and the “he said … she said” go flying and nothing is accomplished; feelings are hurt and confidence bends to fear of what is next.

Stay in your Space for the next couple of weeks. See how that feels. Observe those around you with their Journey but make a special effort to make no effort at all in their Journey. Check out your own Celestial Real Estate. Stay home for a while to restock your personal emotional and spiritual Inventory. Notice as you spend more time with yourself that the known world did not crumble or no life was lost just because you were not there to share in the misery of what has nothing to do with you anyway. Imagine just looking out for yourself … how does that sound?

We have all said… “if all I had to do was to take care of myself …. No problem” …

That time has come.

And so it is.

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