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Now that I am comfortably over 60 … its time to live. Living for me is now sharing what I have come here to know with all who will listen. Who will listen? Only those who hear/feel the nuance of truth and resonance in their own lives. That’s the perfect number.
My Teachings are all based on the real Law of Attraction, the most powerful consciousness available to the Human Being on this earth. While I am happy for the acclaim and word recognition the Law has received in the past, the actual truth of the Law of Attraction has been watered down in the name of commerce.

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    Down and Open

  • March 7, 2017
  • Down and Out is the usual saying. It is used to describe that miserable time of confusion and uncertainty in our lives after the realization that what you believed to be True … is not. These are not usually small … Continue reading

    A Larger Sense of You

  • Well Finally! The entire Agenda for the year is about You.  That will be a nice change. Depending on how old you are you have been going through many years of responsibility. Sometimes this responsibility was true and actually warranted … Continue reading